Need an appointment?

On the day of your choosing:

  1. Phone the surgery. Please try to phone between 8am and 9am.
  2. The receptionist will arrange for the doctor to call you back. They will usually call you before the end of the morning. Our receptionists have been trained to ask simple questions relating to your problem. This is to ensure your safety.They will of course ensure your confidentiality.
  3. The doctor will discuss your problem and together you will choose the best option. You may simply want advice. You may be given an appointment with either a doctor or other member of the healthcare team.

Practice Premises

The surgery has suitable access and facilities for disabled patients. This includes parking bays outside the surgery premises, portable infaloop system, visual call system

Home Visits

These are for people too ill or disabled to attend the surgery. If possible, please request a visit before 10.00am, before the doctor begins his/her round. Be prepared to give our staff some idea of your symptoms so that we can judge the urgency of each call while planning the round.

Calls Outside Surgery Hours

If you need to contact a doctor for an urgent medical problem after 6.30pm on week nights and any time on weekends and Bank Holidays, please telephone the out of hours service on 01437 769811. Your call will be answered by trained staff who will make sure that you get the treatment you need. The out-of-hours service is commissioned by Ceredigion Local Health Board.

Telephone Queries

Any non-urgent telephone calls to the surgery should be made in the afternoon when the receptionist will have more time to deal with your query.

Test Results

You are required to telephone the surgery for your results. Please telephone after 2.00pm, as all results have to be assessed by the doctors. The receptionists will confirm results to patients or indicate if there is a need to see a doctor.

Non-NHS Examinations And Forms

These are not covered by the NHS and you will be asked to pay a fee. A list of charges is available at reception.


We hope you are happy with the standard of service we provide, but if you have any suggestions or complaints, please contact the practice manager. We have a practice complaints procedure which deals with complaints about the service we provide. A leaflet explaining the procedure is available from reception.

Registering At The Practice

Registration forms are available at reception. You may register with the doctor of your choice, but will remain free to consult with any of the other partners.

Practice Charter

What you can expect from Meddygfa Teifi Surgery:

  • You will be treated with courtesy and respect at all times, irrespective of your ethnic origin, religious beliefs, lifestyle or the nature of your medical problems.
  • All staff will strictly observe your right to privacy – your problems will not be discussed by the staff unless it is medically necessary and then in complete privacy away from other members of the public.
  • You have a right to a full explanation of any treatment that is carried out whether at the surgery or at a hospital. You also have a right to a full explanation of any aspect of your illness.
  • All staff will identify themselves and their role within the practice at your request.
  • When you attend the surgery, we will make every effort to ensure that you are seen within a reasonable length of time. On the occasions when there is an unavoidable delay, you will be given an explanation as to why.
  • You will almost always be able to see a GP within 24 hours (working days only). If you request a particular doctor, it will be a longer period of time.
  • If you have any complaints or concerns relating to the practice or its staff, then you have a right to make a formal complaint, either in writing or by telephone.

What your Doctor and the Practice Staff should reasonably expect from you:

  • We ask that you treat all the staff at the practice with the same courtesy and respect.
  • The doctors have instructed the receptionists at the practice in how to gain information that we need to process your request for help as efficiently as possible. Please help the receptionists to do this if at all possible. If you feel that your particular problems cannot be discussed with a receptionist, then we will respect this fully.
  • Please let us know if you change any of your contact details, or your name
  • If you cannot keep an appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. This will release your appointment for someone else.
  • Please arrive in time for your appointment. If the doctor is running late, please be patient. You will usually have a maximum waiting time of 30 minutes for a pre-booked appointment.
  • Please order repeat prescriptions a few days before your tablets will run out.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We will not tolerate verbal abuse or violence of any kind as such behaviour has a marked effect on staff and other patients. Where such behaviour is observed, we reserve the right to withdraw from treating the patient and ensure removal of those involved from the premises.

Protection & Use Of Personal Information

We ask you for information about yourself so that you can receive proper care and treatment.

We keep this information, together with details of your care, because it may be needed if we see you again.

We may use some of this information for other reasons: for example, to help us protect the health of the public generally and to see that the NHS runs efficiently, plans for the future, trains its staff, pays its bills and can account for its actions. Information may also be needed to help educate tomorrow’s clinical staff and to carry out medical and other health research for the benefit of everyone.

Sometimes the law requires us to pass on information: for example, to notify a birth.

The NHS Central Register for England and Wales contains basic personal details of all patients registered with a general practitioner. The Register does not contain clinical information.

You have a right of access to your health records.

Everyone working for the NHS has a legal duty to keep information about you confidential.

You may be receiving care from other people as well as the NHS. So that we can all work together for your benefit we may need to share some information about you.

We only ever use or pass on information about you if people have a genuine need for it in your and everyone’s interests.

Whenever we can we shall remove details which identify you. The sharing of some types of very sensitive personal information is strictly controlled by law.

Anyone who receives information from us is also under a legal duty to keep it confidential.

The main reasons for which your information may be needed are:

  •  Giving you health care and treatment
  • Looking after the health of the general public
  • Managing and planning the NHS. For example: Making sure that our services can meet patient needs in the future
  • Paying your doctor, nurse, dentist, or other staff, and the hospital which treats you for the care they provide
  • Auditing accounts
  • Preparing statistics on NHS performance and activity (where steps will be taken to ensure you cannot be identified)
  • Investigating complaints or legal claims
  • Helping staff to review the care they provide to make sure it is of the highest standard
  • Training and educating staff (but you can choose whether or not to be involved personally)
  • Research approved by the Local Research Ethics Committee. (If anything to do with the research would involve you personally, you will be contacted to see if you are willing to take part. You will not be identified in any published results without your agreement.)
  • If you agree, your relatives, friends and carers will be kept up to date with the progress of your treatment.

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act aims to promote greater openness and accountability across the public sector, including the NHS and independent contractors ie General Practitioners.

GPs are legally obliged to adopt and maintain a publication scheme. Please ask the Practice Manager for Teifi Surgery’s publication scheme which is based on the model suggested by the Welsh Assembly Government.

Contact Details

Tel: 01559 362221
Fax: 01559 364059